The Trust Board is made up of two Council nominees (representing the interests of the owner and providing political support for the objectives of the Trust) and four Trustees (appointed for specific experience and expert knowledge) and a representative of Blackpool Entertainment Centre Ltd (the Operator).  The make-up of the Trust Board is intended to allow the Council a voice in the work of the Trust without allowing it to set or control the agenda. Our Trustees are:

Cllr. David Owen – Chair

Mrs Marjorie Nye – Volunteer Co-ordinator

Mrs Elaine Smith MBE

Mrs Betty Bradford – Fundraising Co-ordinator

Mr Michael Williams – Blackpool Entertainment Centre Ltd representing the venue

Cllr. Mark Smith

Mr Ted Lightbown

Mr Cameron Lloyd


Non-trustee officers

Carl Carrington – Secretary

David Gore – Communications & Memberships


To contact a member of the Board or an official in relation to the Winter Gardens Trust please e-mail

[email protected]