The Winter Gardens 140th Anniversary Exhibition held in the Derham Lounge from 9 to 29 July was well received, with several people coming more than once.

The Exhibition, largely put together for the Company by Ann and Ted Lightbown, included a display of photographs showing the development of the complex and many of the stars who had appeared at its venues.

Original posters, mainly from the 1950s and ‘60s, loaned by Blackpool Heritage Service, were on display, to the accompaniment of recordings by featured artistes.

Some of the Winter Gardens Trust’s artefacts were exhibited alongside programmes on loan from Ted Lightbown. One of the highlights was a 1920s’ spotlight from the Pavilion theatre.

The winning entries of the ‘140’ open art competition were on display along with all the entries from primary schools. Over 3,500 people enjoyed the exhibition and the venue and curators would like to thank those Trust members who helped with the invigilating.

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