As you may have seen the Winter Gardens venue has launched the new Priority Club which offers a number of benefits.

On or two of our members have asked where the Trust sits alongside this new promotion and the answer is while there are some similarities they are also two very different opportunities.

The feedback in our recent survey indicated that supporting the heritage of the venue and having a stake in its future was a major factor in joining and remaining a member. You said that while ticket offers to shows and events are welcome and appreciated they were not usually the deciding factor and other benefits such as the 20% discount in the Mazzei Cafe all year round, exclusive to the Trust, was more valued.

The Winter Gardens Trust has a unique role, offering residents a voice in discussions about the future of the building and the sense of pride in knowing that you all play a part in maintaining the venue for future generations to enjoy.

The Priority Club is an excellent commercial venture by the Winter Gardens designed to build customer loyalty and drive sales and we look forward to working with the venue on joint-promotions.

> More information about the Priority Club

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