Work is currently ongoing under the giant covering erected over the Spanish Hall during the Summer. At the moment, the re-roofing and repairs to the structure of the roof are on course to be finished by our target date in December this year despite a number of challenges and setbacks.  As well as looking at plaster repairs and redecoration we will use the scaffolding whilst it’s there for other aspects.


More importantly, from the Trust’s viewpoint, the process of restoring the wrought iron chandeliers has begun - the Winter Gardens Trust agreed to offer a grant for this at our AGM in July.  Three of these are currently in the workshop being repaired and the new glass on order with the another three to once they have been completed. There may need to be  a further contribution but this will be presented back to members before a decision is made.


The images show the roof covering as seen from Blackpool Tower; some of the plasterwork and members of Historic England during one of their visits to see how work is progressing.